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Famine Relief

With one of the worst famines to date, ESFNA has pledged to donate $100,000 to relief efforts in Ethiopia. It is estimated that about 14 million people are affected by the drought. We urge all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to collectively come to the aid of the country in averting what is labeled as the worst famine in the history of the country and continent.
ESFNA has selected Catholic Relief Services (CRS) after an exhausting review of 18 potential organizations that are expertise in the famine relief services area. This does not necessarily mean that ESFNA will not partner or work with other organizations. In fact, it will also focus its efforts in partnering with local NGOs in Ethiopia in the near future.

Based on the selection criterion that we had established, CRS was the organization that met the highest mark for meeting our requirement with Glimmer of Hope (GOH) coming in a very close second. ESFNA is very pleased with the efforts of the CRS staff in answering our questions, presenting professional documentations and most of all for having a very transparent communication system with us. We have already linked CRS’ exclusive website dedicated to covering efforts and programs in Ethiopia to address the emergency relief services as well as sustainable projects.

The first installment of the pledge, $50,000, has been presented to CRS to purchase and distribute food items to the most affected areas. Under this program, ESFNA will utilize CRS’ “Supplementary Food” project to immediately purchase food assistance to needy areas. This project will start in the beginning of June and we will report the project’s progress in monthly updates as we receive the reports from the CRS Ethiopia office.

ESFNA will also send a delegation to Ethiopia to witness this important effort, bring a first-hand account about the plight of Ethiopia, strengthen our partnership with the local CRS officials, visit the many CRS sponsored program for sustainable growth and assess the long –term project needs we would like to support in the very near future. The trip will also enforce our message of urgency to everyone interested in helping in some way or form.