1. PRESS RELEASE: ESFNA Committed to Hold the 2019 Tournament in Atlanta
  2. ESFNA 2019
  3. Raffle Ticket(Tombola) Winning Numbers
  4. ለጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዶ/ር አብይ አህመድ የተሰጠ የድጋፍ መግለጫ
  5. ESFNA’s Decision on PM Abiy Ahmed’s Request

Group D

April 5, 2018
Virginia Virginia Ethiopian Lions F.C. based in Alexandria, Virginia joined the Annual Tournament in 1986. STANDINGSView allN.ClubPWDLPts1 Seattle Baro040002 Ethio Dallas321073 Atlanta010034 Austin00030ROSTER
April 5, 2018
Boston Boston Ethio F.C. based in Boston, Massachusetts joined the Annual Tournament in 1985. STANDINGSView allN.ClubPWDLPts1 Virginia040102 DC Unity020063 Boston010034 Toronto00030ROSTER
April 5, 2018
Toronto Ethio Stars Toronto F.C. based in Toronto, Canada joined the Annual Tournament in 1985. STANDINGSView allN.ClubPWDLGDPts1 Ohio0210072 DC Stars0002002 San Jose0010004 New York0003-40ROSTER