Behind every successful organization, there is strong leadership. ESFNA certainly is no different in this regard, as the Federation has been fortunate enough to benefit from exemplary leadership over the last three decades.

Each of ESFNA’s 31 member clubs is afforded two representatives of their choosing: a primary representative, and one alternate. Collectively, these 62 representatives serve as ESFNA’s Board Members. From these Board Members, an eight-member Executive Committee is elected and tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation and execution of both the short and long-term strategies of the Board.

The Executive Committee consists of the roles of President, Vice-President, Internal Auditor, Finance Chairman, Public Relations Chairman, Business Manager, Treasurer, Tournament Coordinator, and Secretary. All nine roles have a two term limit. With the exception of the roles of President and Secretary, which each serve three-year terms, all other roles have a term length of two years.

2018 ushers in a new era for ESFNA as the Board has elected four new Executive Committee members, while re-electing a fifth member for a second term:

Abiye Nurilegne, Seattle Baro FC                                                         President-elect
Eyayu Zenebe, Addis Dallas FC                                                            Public Relations Chairman-elect
Abebe Ferede, San Diego Tewodros FC                                              Internal Auditor-elect
Tekalign HaileSelassie, Chicago Blue Nile FC                                  Tournament Coordinator-elect
Alem Abebe, Maryland St. Michael FC                                                Re-elected for 2nd Term as Business Manager


These newly elected officers will replace the following four officers as of January 1, 2018:

Getachew Tesfaye, Maryland St. Michael FC                                    President
Samson Mulugeta, L.A. Stars FC                                                         Public Relations Chairman
Feleke Teka, L.A. Dallol FC                                                                   Internal Auditor
Tekabe Zewdie, Virginia Ethiopian Lions  FC                                    Tournament Coordinator


ESFNA would be remiss not to acknowledge the incredible contributions of these four outgoing officers.

Getachew Tesfaye will end his second term as ESFNA President, culminating in 6 years of service to the Federation. A man of conviction, President Getachew was a tenacious leader who stood his ground when it came to his principles. His two terms were challenging, but ultimately very rewarding, as he helped the Federation reach new heights.

Samson Mulugeta will also be completing his second term in the role of Public Relations Chairman, culminating in four years of service to ESFNA. Samson’s loyalty to ESFNA is unquestioned, as he has worked tirelessly to protect and cultivate the image of our Federation. His humble service to ESFNA is greatly appreciated.

Feleke Teka will complete his second term as Internal Auditor for ESFNA. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Feleke was initially assigned to this position, and then elected for two additional terms, culminating in 6 years of service to ESFNA. His dedication to the Federation is absolute, as he even attended the 2017 tournament while still recovering from a serious medical procedure. He has served as a quiet and respected leader, and leaves ESFNA in good standing both within and outside the Federation.

Tekabe Zewdie initially finished the final year of the previous Tournament Coordinator’s term before being elected for two additional terms, culminating in five years of stellar service to ESFNA. During his terms he dealt with key tournament features such as scheduling, competitive balance, and seeding. The legendary former goalkeeper for the Ethiopian National Football Team served ESFNA admirably.

ESFNA thanks their outgoing leaders for their dedicated service, and is excited to welcome its newly elected leadership.