To all ESFNA family and supporters,

To all Ethiopians around the world’


The purpose of this press release is to address the recent unsubstantiated and irresponsible tabloid social media release.  Even though the report is unworthy of responding to, providing clarity to our community is warranted to assure everyone that our organization is strong and in good standing. In addition to this press release ESFNA will further clarify its position via reputable news media outlets and will also seek legal action.

Since it’s inception in 1984, the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization with a simple but clear mission of bringing Ethiopians together.

Our business operations, record management system, contract negotiations, supplier management and procurement have always been handled by professionals who volunteer their precious time unselfishly. Our board members work hand in hand and alongside the executive committee to closely monitor every activity during and after the tournament. ESFNA’s financial structure and auditing practice follow a standardized general practices and principles. Our tax record and the treasure ‘s management guidelines is second to none.

It’s our tradition to go over our expenses and income line-by-line during our annual Board of Director’s meeting. ESFNA encourages all its members to ask questions freely and the executive committee have professional obligations and deep-rooted commitment to provide answers.

We have established guidelines on how cities are awarded the opportunity to host our annual tournament so all teams, local businesses and local Ethiopian communities have a fair chance to host this prestigious sport and cultural event. All pertinent documentation is available to all ESFNA teams upon request. ESFNA, as a guiding principal conducts business ethically and transparently. Decisions are made democratically following Robert’s Rules of Order.

ESFNA is committed to hold the 2019 tournament in Atlanta. Local organizing committee along with the executive committee is diligently working to finalize contracts. Negotiations have taken longer than anticipated this year, but It needs to be understood that a viable agreement needs to be reached on all venues in order to sustain the continuity of our organization. Hence, we have extended an offer to all east coast cities to bid to host the 2019 tournament as a back up in accordance to our by laws. As we have always done the federation will make an official announcement once all contracts have been signed.