ESFNA 2023 New Entry Team Requirements & Guidelines

To fill the vacant spot in the second division, ESFNA Board of Directors decided to accept a new team from a state where there is no member club present in the federation. Based on this, the federation will begin accepting applications starting November 21, 2022. The deadline to submit applications is April 30, 2023.

Teams’ Requirements to Compete

  1. Proof of registration as a nonprofit incorporation in their home state or country.
  2. A registered bank account under the club’s name
  3. The club bylaw
  4. At least five registered officers’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses
  5. Community Support letter
  6. $1,000 nonrefundable application fee

The federation also considers the following in the selection process.

  1. The Ethiopian population in the city.
  2. The number of Ethiopian businesses and other organizations in the city.

Other important things to know

  1. The competing teams must cover their own expenses during competition Week.
  2. The competition will be from July 2, 2023, through July 8, 2023
  3. Players need to be from participant team’s respective state.
  4. The federation will facilitate and provide referees, a soccer field, and balls for the game.
  5. Only the champion team joins the federation.
  6. After fulfilling the registration process, the championship team will officially join ESFNA in 2024.

For applying and for any questions, please send your inquiry to For immediate assistance, please call our tournament coordinator Tekaligne Habteselassie (Shaft) @ 773-366-9722.

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