ESFNA’s executive committee is coming to Atlanta on May 18th, 2019 to meet with vendors and the Atlanta community to discuss the 36th annual tournament and cultural festival. The meeting is mandatory for all vendors, particularly for food vendors. All food vendors must attend this meeting. If you do not live in Atlanta, you must send someone to represent you from Atlanta. The executive committee members will do a presentation about the organization in general and the Atlanta festival preparation in particular. We will also explain what you can and cannot do with respect to your particular vending. Please bring any questions and concerns you may have and get appropriate responses from the committee. All food vendors must submit the names of 4 people who work at their booth for your free ID. Dry goods and nonprofit vendors must submit the names of 2 people working in their booth for your free ID. If you need more ID you must purchase a week pass at a discounted rate, the amount of which will be communicated with you soon. We hope to see you all in Atlanta next week.


Hilton Atlanta
255 Courtland St. NE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

2 pm