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ESFNA strives for outreach to the community both in North America and Ethiopia

Famine Relief

With one of the worst famines to date, ESFNA has pledged to donate $100,000 to relief efforts in Ethiopia. It is estimated that about 14 million people are affected by the drought. We urge all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to collectively come to the aid of the country in averting what is labeled as the worst famine in the history of the country and continent.

ESFNA has selected Catholic Relief Services (CRS) after an exhausting review of 18 potential organizations that are expertise in the famine relief services area. This does not necessarily mean that ESFNA will not partner or work with other organizations. In fact, it will also focus its efforts in partnering with local NGOs in Ethiopia in the near future.

Flood Donation

Members and Friends of ESFNA are deeply saddened by the extensive damage the recent floods have inflicted in Eastern Ethiopia. It is in times like this we put aside our differences and pull together to help the victims of this colossal tragedy.

ESFNA has donated $20,000.00 to be used by a non-governmental organization to deliver much needed assistance to the flood victims of the Omo region.

ESFNA has also created a separate bank account to solicit funds to this effort and already donations have been collected outside of ESFNA funds. As the funds come in, we will list the names of contributors to this effort. God bless the flood victims of Ethiopia.


HIV/AIDS is ravaging our country at an alarming rate. It is a tragedy affecting our country and our people at the core. It is our existence that is at stake. HIV/AIDS is shortening the lives of thousands of our brothers and sisters and creating a growing orphan population, homelessness and many other tragic consequences that are adversely affecting millions of Ethiopians.

Recognizing the need, ESFNA decided to take part and contribute what it can in combating this dreadful epidemic. During our 2004 tournament in Seattle, we collected $10,000.00 and we are looking for an organization that best fits our selection criteria and that can best use the funds in this endeavor.

People to People

People To People is a non profit organization that was founded in 1999 to fight against the mounting devastation caused by HIV/AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Abebach Gobena

Abebech Gobena Yehtsnant kebekabena Limatt Dirijit is a registered indigenous non-governmental and non-political humanitarian organization founded by a prominent humanitarian lady called W/ro Abebech Gobena in 1980.


ESFNA honors the many organizations in North America dedicated to improve and enrich the lives of Ethiopians and Immigrants. These organizations continue to make a difference in our community.

Ethiopian Community Development Council

Washington D.C.Visit Site »

Ethiopian Community Center Washington, DC

Washington D.C.Visit Site »

Ethiopian Community Center in Seattle

Seattle, WashingtonVisit Site »

Ethiopian Community Center in Dallas

Dallas, TexasVisit Site »

Ethiopian Community Center in Maryland

Silver Spring, MarylandVisit Site »

Mutual Assistance Association for the Ethiopian Community

Dallas, TexasVisit Site »

Ethiopian Women's Organization

Dallas, TexasVisit Site »

Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago

Chicago, IllinoisVisit Site »

Helping Hands for the Ethiopian Community

Los Angeles, CaliforniaVisit Site »

Ethiopian Community in Atlanta

Atlanta, GeorgiaVisit Site »

San Diego Ethiopian Community, Inc

San Diego, CaliforniaVisit Site »

San Jose Ethiopian Community Services

San Jose, CaliforniaVisit Site »

Oakland Ethiopian Community & Cultural Center

Oakland, CaliforniaVisit Site »

Ethiopian Community Center of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NevadaVisit Site »

Ethiopian Community in Minnesota

St. Paul, MinnesotaVisit Site »

Ethiopian Association in the GTA

Toronto, OntarioVisit Site »

Vancouver Ethiopian Community

Vancouver,  British ColumbiaVisit Site »